Tazavesh Mythic+ Guide: Streets of Wonder

Tazavesh Streets of Wonder Guide

The mythic+ version of the Tazavesh Dungeon has been split into two separate parts, one of which is called Streets of Wonder. M+ guide for this part of Tazavesh includes the first five bosses from the original version: Zo’phex, The Menagerie, Mailroom Mayhem, Au’myza’s Oasis and So’azmi. It is one thing to know the bosses by name, and completely other to know how to deal with them.

Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder Guide

First thing first, and in this case it’s answering the question on how to get into Tazavesh in the first place. Host Ta’rela, a mysterious Broker who chose to work as an innkeeper in Oribos, gives the “The Al’ley Cat of Oribos” quest. It’s a short questline that will lead you to the opening of the flight path point at the entrance to the Tazavesh. But if any two members of your party have already done it, they can summon you and then you and all of your companions can enter the dungeon without any problems. 

Tazavesh: SoW Routing

The usual route through the Tazavesh Streets is quite straight. Although from the very start it’s important to stick to one tip: not to skip too much trash at the beginning. That’s because your time is very restricted (39 minutes), but a certain percentage of mobs still must be killed to complete the dungeon. Mobs at the end of it may be too difficult to deal with, especially when you’re in a hurry to complete the last boss in time. So it may be much more effective to spend some time with the brokers that meet you at the very entrance to Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder.

A few spells have a high priority of interruption. For example, a Hard Light Barrier spell casted by the Support Officer which shields the allies of the mob, or the Stasis Beam ability performed by the Interrogation Specialist that can stun a player for 6 precious seconds. Another dangerous another beam-based ability is the Beam Splicer which summons a rotating white laser and is easily avoidable in theory, but actually is not, because at the same time Support Officers will aim dangerous Hyperlight Bolts at different players and Customs Security will scatter Disruption Grenades.

Gatewarden Zo’mazz and Portalmancer Zo’honn will also be an obstacle on the way to the first boss, but not as serious as a packs of mobs. Killing Zo’honn will spawn the first boss, and after killing it a party will receive a choice on which way to follow further. Most Tazavesh mythic guides advise on turning right. 

Turning left will eventually lead you to the Bazaar and a fight with dangerous Ancient Core Hounds, Enraged Direhorns, and Frenzied Nightclaws. Here it is crucial to avoid the Frenzied Charges of Direhorns if you are on the way between it and its target. Also it is as much as important to interrupt the Ancient Dread cast by Hounds — a curse that will reduce the speed of both your attack and casts for one minute, badly affecting your further advancement through Mythic+ dungeon. The Grievous Rip insta-casted by Nightclaws may easily wipe out your party, as poor healer will have to heal you to 90% to cure a bleed caused by Rip. And if you cleanse it in a hurry, you may accidentally  pull too many of these mobs and simply not be able to survive them just because of this one effect.

That’s one more reason to turn right after fighting Zo’phex. This route of Tazaveth Streets of Wonder will eventually lead your party to Myza’s Oasis. The mobs of this route are less dangerous and more forgiving. Still, you’d be better to beware of the Cartel Muscles and Cartel Smugglers. The first ones pose a threat to a tank, which must carefully pay attention to the enemy’s Hyperlight Backhand that knocks them back and can lead to grim consequences if there is no wall behind a tank to stop the effect. The Smugglers throw bombs at players, and they must be taken out in a way  where there is no allies within the range of five yards when the bomb explodes. By the way, pay attention to the invisible Cartel Sculkers, whom you’d rather want to pull yourself, than give them a chance to backstab your allies. 

Before the second boss, you’ll have to participate in a Trading Mini-game. The game is played to get a password which should be told to open a way to the next boss. It’s not difficult — just choose a member of a party with good mobility, who will purchase a grey-quality item from the Xy’darid, then find it somewhere on the ground and bring it to the appropriate vendor. At the same time, rest of your party will be fighting mobs that are trying to disturb you from playing the broker’s game. The most dangerous mob at this part of the Tazavesh will be the Bazaar Strongarm who aims at beating a player who carries the item and slows them down, seriously affecting the time in which you’ll be able to complete the Mythic+ dungeon.

The Post Office is the next destination on your way in the Mythic+ Streets of Wonder. The most troublesome part of trash here is the Overloaded Mailemental who casts an annoying shield on nearby mobs with the Spam Filter spell. At the same time, with the death of each such mob, a pink field will appear, inside which both players and their enemies get their haste greatly increased. Be sure to hold the mobs outside the area and, by the way, beware of the Defective Sorters who are going to open locked up cages, unleashing an especially terrifying entity on the battlefield – a lot of chickens will run from the cages and towards your group, aiming to micro-stun anyone in their way. 

After the third boss, you will finally have a chance to skip a few mobs, as they are too difficult to take down, compared to the other creatures of the Tazavesh Streets. For example, the Market Peacekeeper’s Phalanx Field that only requires 1,5 seconds of the casting time will reflect all the spells back to casters and significantly increase mob’s magic ressistance. Peacekeeper may not be deadly, but too tough to spend your already limited time on it. Still, Commander Zo’far is the one creature that will has to be killed sooner or later. Partie’s tank must not hesitate to use walls to diminish the effect of the strong Power Kick knockback, while other party-members must be prepared to spread when the Lethal Force is cast on any of them.

After the fourth encounter, you should quickly head to the place where you have just dealt with Commander Zo’far or only have to deal with him. Taking the mini-boss down allows you to use a console which will bring the elevator platform you’re standing on almost right to the last boss where you’ll be able to confront them.

Tazavesh: SoW Bosses Guide


Zo'phex Tazavesh

Tazavesh makes it extremely clear, that it is not joking around with its first boss being very mechanics-heavy and impossible to facetank. Here are the strats you want to follow as close as possible. First of all, from time to time Zo’phex chooses random player and marks them with the Interrogation spell — that player must run away as fast and as far away as possible, no questions asked. Because despite how far the target is by the end of the cast, they will be rooted within a damageable Containment Cell, destroying which is a target of the highest priority for the rest of the group. Once the trap is set, Zo’phex will turn on its tunnel vision and advance to the trapped player twirling their sabers in front of them General Grievous style.  Beware, as if you don’t succeed in destroying the cell the trapped player will instantly die, along with anyone who stood in the way of Zo’phex’s unrelenting assault.

The boss will also cast the Impound Contraband, taking away one player’s weapon and thus forfeiting any possibility to attack or cast spells. Although finding your weapon somewhere on the floor will give you a haste buff. But there will be no use in damaging the boss with increased haste if you don’t pay attention to its Rotary Body Armor. If it’s right between you and the boss, they won’t receive any damage.

Myza’s Oasis

Tazavesh the Veiled Market

Myza’s Oasis is probably one of the most original bosses not only in Tazavesh, but among all the WoW boss dungeon encounters! For this fight, you must arm yourself with one of the musical instruments. During the fight, you will see the notes. Hitting them correctly with an extra action button gives a Jazzy buff. It will continuously stack giving you one percent of increased Haste for each successful hit. Twelve stacks will result in a very helpful buff Up Tempo that also increases one’s damage. 

The best choice of instruments would be the following: a Horn for Tank, Guitar, Trumpet and Sax for Damage-Dealers, and Drums for Healer. However, it would be better not to take drums with Monk or Paladin healers as it will root them in one place. The main strategy to be followed throughout the fight is to interrupt such dangerous spells as the Suppression and Menacing Shout during the first phase where you fight adds, or else you’ll get a lot of damage over time and be interrupted for 6 seconds. 

In the second phase, Zo’gron will appear. Menacing Shout will still pose a threat, while Zo’gron’s Crowd Control spell casted in front of the boss will make all your attempts to attack the boss meaningless and seriously damage you at the end of the cast. A Suppression Spark will also cause problems by pulling you and your allies toward the boss while giving a chance to the players to once more successfully perform their music.

Mailroom Mayhem

POST Master

Mailroom Mayhem is another quite interesting encounter, which also drops one of the most attractive examples of Streets of Wonders loot — the Ticking Sack of Terror trinket! The encounter’s main tactics are quite simple to to follow through. Split the damage of the Money Order cast on certain players. Or, if you are those players but your character has some Bubble-like powerful defensive skills — don’t hesitate to press it to survive the effect. Soak the Hazardous Liquids before they become violet puddles and pollute all the fighting area with the annoying Spilled Liquids. Dispel a dangerous DoT caused by soaking the Liquids. And, most importantly, be sure to get rid of mined mail packages by throwing them into the active portals with the blue lights. You have 30 seconds to do it and can use the extra action button to throw the package at another player, but a package will still explode if a player doesn’t catch it.

The Grand Managerie

Kyrian Goliath Tazavesh

The fourth encounter of Streets of Wonder is represented by three bosses at once: Alcruux, Achillite, and Venza. You start with Alcruux and each next boss jumps into the fight when the HP of the previous one is at about 20%. A crucial mechanic of the first one is Gluttony, which will be given to one player as a debuff and jump to another after its duration has ended. But the true importance of it is shown by the fact that the player with this debuff will be very useful against the next bosses! 

Achillite’s Venting Protocol spell results in spawning of many Volatile Animas, which must be consumed by a player with the Gluttony debuff. Only that player can consume it without receiving huge damage but, on the contrary, increasing their own damage. (The debuff is still jumping from player to player in the second and third phases.) The increased damage will help to destroy the shield cast with the Flagellation Protocol spell in time.

The corpse of the Archillite will produce even more of those Animas. Once again, if you deal with them correctly, they will benefit you a lot, as during the fight with Venza it’ll be essential to quickly fight the Chains of Damnation and clear the area from the orbs so that you have enough place to run away during the long and deadly spell called Whirling Annihilation. 


SOAZMI Tazavesh

The last boss to be covered in this guide is So’azmi, the last boss of Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder. The fight is very mobility requiring and includes many relocator shenanigans . There are three pairs of relocators on the ground, each pair is easily recognizable by a similar shape of the teleporters. 

The relocators are used for a few purposes. The first one is to evade the damage dealt by the edge of the Shuri spell. Here the relocators are used to get inside the nova cast by Shuri. Secondly, they’re used for getting into the one space with the boss, who eventually divides the room where you fight in half and then into quarters with lines through which you can neither attack nor move. 

Thirdly, a deadly Double Technique is a spell that you would definitely need to interrupt — because if you don’t, it’s likely a wipe. Although for this you may need to click more than one relocator to get into the part of the room where So’azmi has teleported to. Remember: the cast must be interrupted twice!

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