Defeat the Bosses Gracefully and Collect the Best Loots with the Help of the Fated Sepulcher Overview

sepulcher of the first ones

The final and closing WoW Shadowlands raid brings the courageous raiders to the cryptic halls of the Sepulcher of the First Ones. The heroes will have to fight against the mighty henchmen of the Jailer to release Anduin from the wicked Domination magic, and finally stand against the Jailer himself, Zovaal. The raid offers to try your strength in 11 spectacular encounters, tremendous ilvl items to collect and numerous precious rewards. WoWVendor team have prepared an exhaustive Fated Sepulcher overview for the players to be prepared for the challenges and defeat the bosses seamlessly. 

As you may already know, the Season 4 of WoW Shadowlands introduced a new way for raiding in Castle of Narthia, Sanctum of Domination and the Sepulcher of the First Ones. The raids will be available on the highest difficulty level, meaning that the players will face the most severe resistance from bosses, but also can grab the highest level value ilvl. Every week, players get to fight in some Shadowlands Fated Raid and experience more difficult battles to get more precious prizes. 

Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones in a Nutshell

For the first time in a long while, the raid was divided into the parts, with the bosses becoming available at a different time. Speaking about the main dates:

  • The Raid became available on the 2d of March 2022 with the bosses 1-8 allowing to test your strengths in Heroic Sepulcher Fated Raid besides a normal difficulty level. During the first week of the release, players couldn’t take part in the encounters against the final bosses. That was made intentionally to have enough time to tell the story in such manner, so there would be enough time to pass from the 8th encounter and the following ones. Besides, raiders got a chance to train a bit and get ready to defeat the last three bosses of the Sepulcher;
  • On the 9th of March 2022, the players got access to the new Sepulcher run fight against all the bosses from the 1st one to the 11th on normal, heroic and epic difficulty levels. Fighting all the bosses on all the difficulty levels may be really challenging. As long as raiding in Heroic mode balances well the difficulty of the battle and the rewards, getting through the fights will be easier and more effective with the reliable Fated Sepulcher HC. You can order a professional Fated Sepulcher Heroic boost at WoWVendor for a reasonable price and get all the encounters passed seamlessly. WoWVendor carry will make sure that your character gets the best gears and weapons to keep the battle well-prepared;
  • How can you get to the Sepulcher: the raid takes place on a separate island on the east of Zereth Mortis. You can use the Ancient Translocator that is located near the Pilgrim’s Grace at 64.8 53.5. Just climb up a set of stairs on the left when you arrive to the Grace and use the teleporter to take you to the entrance of the Shadowlands Fated Sepulcher. Or you can wait till the flying is unlocked and simply fly to the Sepulcher entrance;
  • The item level loot of the raid: as you know, the harder the challenge is, the more rewarding is the victory. The Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones will grant you with the item level 265-272 on the Fated Raid Finder Difficulty. The ilvl of Conduits in the Fated Raids hasn’t changed, meaning that the cap is still 278. Thus, as long as on Normal Difficulty, the Fated Sepulcher loot is 278-285, Conduits in all difficulty levels of Fated Raids will remain 278. Defeating Fated Heroic Difficulty bosses will make you some 291-297 ilvl richer. Enjoy some really cool items 304-311 you can when raiding through the Mythic Sepulcher Fated Raid;
  • Besides the standard items, you can get 3 vehicles, class sets, and several weapons and plate armor with unique abilities. Also, you can get one of the several Class-specific rings. 

Beware of the Bosses in the Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones

The Fated Sepulcher bosses are all severe beasts that may try to make you regret daring to stand against them. Obviously, before entering the Sepulcher, you have already got battle-proof in the Castle of Narthia and the Sanctum of Domination. But don’t let your guards down as the Fated Sepulcher bosses vent all their wrath on the raiders that dared to challenge them. 

The bosses will appear available in a semi-linear order, so that at some encounters you will need to gain points to defeating all available bosses in orders to be allowed to continue. Your first battle will be against the Vigilant Guardian. You will have to defeat him in a three-phase encounter to move forward and get three new bosses unlocked. Depending on what direction you want to take at this point, there can be different battle scenarios. Take your time and check various Sepulcher Fated Raid guides to make sure you choose the best path for your character. After defeating Dausegne you will have a chance to stand against Prototype Pantheon and then unlock Lihuvim if you manage to defeat those four. Be ready for two alternating phases of an intense fight against the Principal Architect. 

However, if after defeating the Vigilant Guardian you choose a different path, you will beat both Skolex and Artificer Xy’mox to unlock Halondrus. In fated raids all these tough guys will drop some awesome ilvl and you will definitely enjoy collecting your Sepulcher Fated mount presents. Defeating Lihuvim and Halondrus takes to the encounter with the eighth boss of the raid – Anduin Wrynn. Will you be merciful to the young king, or will choose a more cruel path to win this encounter? Because once defeating Anduin, Lords of Dread and Rygelon get unlocked. This feature makes the Sepulcher of the First Ones a truly unique raid, as you have three final encounters here. When you manage to defeat those bosses, you get one encounter closer to finishing the raid. And there will be only the Jailer on your way that gets unlocked after you defeat Rygelon and Lords of Dread. Don’t forget that in these battles you can get some really great Fated Sepulcher gear and weapons. The Jailer will tackle your nerve and will certainly demand you use all your skills and knowledge, since there are quite a few tips on how to beat this boss available. 


The Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones is a promising adventure for the champions of Azeroth and everyone who doesn’t seek for easy games. If you find it too much of a struggle to defeat all the bosses, gain your Dinaries, gears, weapons and rewards collected, you can contact WoWVendor and order your SOFTFO boost. Our professional players will take your character abilities to the next quality level and all you will need to do just check how victoriously you pass through all the encounters. We guarantee security of your personal data and a seamless result of our cooperation. And if you’re ready to take the challenge, we hope that our Fated Sepulcher overview is helpful and informative for you.

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